Grey’s Anatomy Renewed for Season 10!

This isn’t old news, but yes, Grey’s Anatomy fans, the show will be back next fall for Season 10! It didn’t come as too much of a shocker because the actors still had season 10 in their contract, but let’s hope they just keep on going! We’ve been told that the season finale of season 9 won’t be as catastrophic as the plane crash was, but someone will still be “fighting for their life”. Let’s hope they win that fight–we don’t want anyone leaving the show!!

What about the interns? There’s been a lot of mixed feelings towards them… a lot of people don’t like them at all. What do you guys think? If only one intern returns in season 10, it will most likely be Jo, played by Camilla Luddington. Here’s what’s been said about her possible return and the finale:

Though the focus of our nervousness is on Meredith, Derek, and their unborn son, we also know that “someone fights for their life,” and we should worry about the person delivering MerDer’s baby. Shane is the intern shown in the promo, but we’re most concerned about Jo, who was recently a victim of domestic abuse and may or may not be secretly in love with Alex Karev.

While Camilla was tight-lipped about Thursday’s finale during her appearance on CBS’ The Couch, she says that there is “chaos” and that since everyone has to unite during the power outage, she and Alex are “kind of forced to be together.” As for Season 10? She’s as in the dark as we are (pun intended).

When asked about her return, she admitted, “That’s not something they have confirmed to us.” adding, “I will be baking cookies for Shonda Rhimes all through the summer to make sure it happens, but we’ll see. Hopefully.”


Season 9 Behind the Scenes

I’ve added some behind the scenes photos for a couple episodes from Season 9 to the gallery. More to come soon!

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Season 9 Finale Spoilers: Jessica Capshaw looks ahead with Arizona

There’s only one episode left on “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9, meaning that there is only one chance left for Arizona to pick of the pieces of the terrible, no-good, very-bad thing that she decided to do with Lauren (Hilarie Burton) when the power went off. Odds are, you threw something at your TV (or at the person sitting next to you) when it happened, and the question now is whether or not you’ll be tempted to do the same thing again come Thursday night.

Of course, Jessica Capshaw’s not willing to divulge that … at least for now. After being hit with what we are sure were a million tweets saying something along the lines of “NOOOO!!” Thursday, the actress put up the following on her Twitter, presumably in a way to 1) tease the finale and 2) stop the verbal bleeding all over her:

“I am gr8ful to play a character whose life & challenges r written honestly. Not perfectly. Let’s all hold hands and see what happens next…”

Well, let’s just hope what happens next does not involve fans to panic any more than they already have. The Calzona storyline has been a year-long torture-chamber of drama, beginning with the amputation and ending where she is now kissing another woman. We know there are so many issues here that could fill psychology books, but we want to believe in the couple, and their hopes of working this out. (Of course, we can’t imagine just how angry we would be were in Callie’s shoes right around now.)


New Themes!


That’s right, Grey’s Anatomy Fan is sporting a new theme! What do you guys think? I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen this photo before, and when I saw it I just fell in love with it! It’s kinda cheesy, but I still love it! The gallery will be updated tomorrow with the same theme, because it’s bedtime for me now!

9×23 – Readiness Is All HD Screencaps

The last episode before the season finale aired last night. What were your thoughts? This was the first time I’ve cried since I think the beginning of the season! The proposal to April was so cute! I started crying the second everyone started dancing because I knew what was coming! haha! I also felt that at the end was a little dramatic with Alex and Jo… with the tree thing… Neither of them got hurt? IT WAS A TREE FLYING THROUGH THE WINDOW!!! Anyway, enjoy the screencaps, I will be updating the site in some major ways–I noticed the page links are not really working so that will be my focus as well as throwing up a spankin’ new layout!

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