Happy Birthday Justin Chambers!

It’s a little late in the night, but my day was crazy! We at Grey’s Anatomy Fan want to wish Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) a very happy birthday!!! :)

Episode Guides

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to modify and update some miscellaneous pages around the site. The first item on the agenda are the EPISODE GUIDES. If you take a look, Seasons Two and Three have both been updated with a brand new look! Not only a makeover but also plenty of more information about each season found around the web.

If you check out SEASON TWO you will find that EPISODE ONE features an in-depth walkthrough of the entire episode. Over the coming days we hope to bring you this in-depth walkthrough for EVERY EPISODE thus far on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a bit of work but a labor of love that we are proud to provide!

Stick around for future updates to the episode guides and many other pages around the site as we prepare for SEASON 10!

Jessica Capshaw on The Chew

Okay, so I know Jessica was on ABC’s The Chew last month, but I finally got around to adding the videos to our Video Channel as well as adding some HQ photos from the show. I plan on adding some screencaps later today as well. Enjoy!

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Season 9 Behind-The-Scenes

Sorry it’s taken so long to get these photos uploaded, but I’ve added behind-the-scenes (on-set) photos from episodes from Season 9. These are all the ones I could find, but there may be more added later. Enjoy!

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Sure, Grey’s Anatomy was a big hit, but was it good TV?

For most of the history of television, the barrier to syndication—and to profitability—has been 100 episodes. The shows that have made it to that mark are an unusual group. Many were big hits. Some found small cult audiences. Still others just hung on as best they could and never posted numbers quite low enough to be canceled. In 100 Episodes, we examine shows that made it to that number, considering both how they advanced or reflected the medium and what contributed to their popularity.

Hey, remember Grey’s Anatomy?

Yeah, it’s still on the air, heading into its 10th season this fall. It hasn’t just cruised past 100 episodes; it will surpass 200 episodes shortly after that 10th season debuts, with no signs of slowing. By some measures—and particularly once DVR viewing is taken into account—it’s still the biggest drama on the air among 18- to 49-year-old viewers, and it seems every season of the show carries with it an Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide piece that breathlessly intones that Grey’s Anatomy is back. To be sure, the show’s audience has shrunk from the highs it reached in its second, third, and fourth seasons—when a post-Super Bowl airing took a hit show and turned it into a phenomenon—but that audience is still reliably hooked into what the show is doing, and the core fan base is just as invested in some of the new characters the series has introduced as it ever was in the many who have departed from the original cast.

Here’s the thing: Grey’s debuted in the now-storied 2004-05 TV season, perhaps the last, great gasp of the network TV machine. It was a season that brought with it successes like Desperate Housewives and Lost as well as cult favorites like Veronica Mars. Grey’s wasn’t even the only medical drama to debut and hit big in that season. Over on Fox, House started slowly but gained momentum as the network placed it after American Idol, with star Hugh Laurie becoming the face of his network and showrunner David Shore winning an Emmy for writing. Yet if anyone were to have picked the medical drama that would run the longest—even at the height of Grey’s run—the choice would almost certainly have been House, which had a medical-procedural premise designed to run for over a dozen seasons and the less convoluted soap operatics. Instead, House bowed out after eight years, and Grey’s is entering year 10.

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