6.08 \”Invest In Love\” Promo

I\’m still working on the screen captures from last Thursday\’ episode, but in the meantime, watch the promo for next week\’s episode!


Patrick Dempsey on Good Morning America

Hello everyone!

Patrick was on Good Morning America on October 28, 2009. I\’ve uploaded the video for you, which you can watch below. Along with it are screen captures (which are of bad quality, but I\’ll try to replace them with better quality ones later) and promotional stills.

Screen captures and clips from last night\’s episode will be up tomorrow! Enjoy the goodies!

6.07 \”Give Peace A Chance\” Sneak peeks

A total of five 6.07 \”Give Peace A Chance\” sneak peeks have been released and uploaded on YouTube. I\’ve embedded one clip below, follow the links below to watch more.

YouTube Links:
6.07 Sneak Peek #1
6.07 Sneak Peek #2
6.07 Sneak Peek #3
6.07 Sneak Peek #4

6.05 \”Invasion\” – Episode clips

Hello visitors,

I\’ve added 19 clips from episode 6.05 \”Invasion\” to the video archive. I\’ve embedded one clip below, you can find the rest here.

Clips from last Thursday\’s episode will be up tomorrow, hopefully!

6.06 \”I Saw What I Saw\” Promo

Hello everyone!

I\’m currently working on getting screen captures, as well as clips from last Thursday\’s episode up. So while I keep working on those, why don\’t you enjoy the official promo for next week\’s episode? It looks good!