Will Derek Shepherd die in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 11?

Nothing about Grey’s Anatomy season 11, episode 20 looks good for Derek Shepherd. But is death really the route the show will take?

Derek does not make it to D.C., but does that mean McDreamy’s days on Grey’s Anatomy are numbered? Well, yes and no. Will he die this season? Probably not.

Grey’s Anatomy holds back nothing when it comes to killing off your favorite characters. Just look at all the pain we’ve suffered at the hands of the showrunners! But luckily, in a way, Derek Shepherd’s real life counterpart Patrick Dempsey still has another season written into a contract with his signature at the bottom. It does not seem likely that ABC will be pushing Grey’s Anatomy anywhere before the close of season 12, especially when all the members of the old guard are contracted through another season.

But, hold on! Derek was absent for a good majority of this season. What is stopping Grey’s Anatomy from pushing his storyline out of mind out of sight once more?

When it was announced that Derek Shepherd would be taking the position in Washington D.C. and that neither Meredith nor the show would be following him, the prognosis seemed grim. The show took those few weeks and proved not only that Meredith could survive without him, but that Grey’s Anatomy has plenty of stories to tell in the ORs without ferry boat scrub caps.

Derek’s request as he left his doorstep in the opening of last week’s episode, “Don’t move, wait for me” set off alarms. The fears were confirmed when he did not arrive in Washington, D.C. later that afternoon. While this week’s episode does not promise any answers, it is more likely than not that Derek will find himself roped into an emergency situation before he can make it to the airport.

Patrick Dempsey is looking for his Sandra Oh send off in the near future, but does this season hold any more clues to where he could possibly wind up come the season 11 finale? This week’s episode, “One Flight Down,” refers to a small plane crash that sends quite a few people into the ER, but no news on Derek Shepherd.

What we know for certain is that Patrick Dempsey took a visit to Seattle to film one of Derek Shepherd’s favorite pastimes — riding the ferry boat.

Our bets are on Derek Shepherd surviving season 11 and making his exit sometime in season 12 with proper pomp and circumstance and plenty of tears. Regardless of Shepherd’s fate this season, it is likely that fans of the dreamy doctor who found himself on the floor of Ellis Grey’s home way back in season 1 will begin their goodbyes. After 11 seasons, Dempsey is ready retire from the world of Grey’s Anatomy and hit the track to pursue his other passion, racing.

Where do you hope the show leaves Derek at the end of season 11?

Happy Birthday Ellen Pompeo!


The staff at Grey’s Anatomy Fan would like to wish Ellen a very Happy Birthday!!!

Ellen Pompeo’s Queen Latifah Interview

Ellen to Appear on Queen Latifah Show!

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Ellen Pompeo Rejected On-Screen Interracial Relationship

When Ellen Pompeo, the lead actress on Grey’s Anatomy, was offered the role of Dr. Meredith Grey, she had no idea it would become the role of a lifetime, but she was certain she did not want the role to be anything like her real life.

As Grey’s Anatomy celebrates its 200-episode milestone, Pompeo reveals in an interview with the New York Post that initially, former castmate Isaiah Washington was going to play her boyfriend. “Shonda really wanted to put a black man in the mix,” Pompeo said to the Post about the idea that the show’s executive producer, Shonda Rhimes, had for Pompeo’s love interest. But Pompeo says that she asked for someone else because “it was too close to home.”

Pompeo could be referring to her real-life marriage to music producer Chris Ivery, who is black. But it’s an ironic statement coming from the same actress who recently made headlines for blasting this past year’s Emmy Awards over their lack of diversity. “The Emmys felt so dated to me … ” she told the Associated Press. “I’m extremely proud of our very, very diverse cast which represents the world that I walk around in every day.”

Perhaps when Pompeo said “dated” she was referring to 2005, when Grey’s Anatomy debuted on television. The “world” she walks “around in every day” with Ivery as her husband started in 2007, long after she’d already rejected a small-scene Jungle Fever. Looking back, Pompeo says that Washington took it hard. “I think that once Isaiah did not get the role, it backfired.”

Instead of Washington, Pompeo asked for Patrick Dempsey, who plays her on-screen husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd (better known as McDreamy). The two have been on the show since the beginning. Washington would play Dr. Preston Burke for four seasons before being denied a contract renewal after allegedly calling castmate T.J. Knight a gay slur. But while on the show, Washington’s character did end up in an interracial relationship with Dr. Cristina Yang, played by Asian-Canadian actress Sandra Oh.

Source: The Root

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