11×24 “You’re My Home” MORE Episode Stills Added

I’ve just added 30+ new high quality episode stills from the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Enjoy!

11×24 “You’re My Home” Episode Captures Added

I’ve just added screencaps from Thursday’s season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

11×24 “You’re My Home” – Sneak Peek Videos

11×21 Promo “You’re My Home” (SEASON FINALE)

25 Grey’s Anatomy Episodes You Must Watch

This fall, Grey’s Anatomy kicked off its 10th season — which will include its momentous 200th episode — and TVGuide.com has compiled the best episodes that fans and new viewers alike must watch (or re-watch!) before diving back in.

Through the death (George! Lexie!), heartbreak (Denny! Izzie!) and weddings (yay for post-its!), executive producer Shonda Rhimes, her team of writers and the talented cast and crew have taken all of us on an amazing journey. Check out a countdown of our top 25 episodes below:

 25. “Song Beneath the Song” — Season 7, Episode 18
What happened:
After Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) get into a major car crash, a semi-comatose Callie envisions herself and her colleagues singing as they try to treat her extensive injuries. After the cast performs songs — no jazz hands, thankfully! — made famous by the series, like “Chasing Cars” and “Breathe (2AM),” Callie wakes up and proposes to Arizona.
Why it was a game-changer:
The musical episode may not have been everyone’s favorite, but Rhimes, decided to take a risk similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of her favorite series, and try something new. Not only that, but it lead to Callie and Arizona’s wedding, which — while not the first lesbian nuptials on broadcast television — was certainly a momentous occasion. 

24. “The Other Side of This Life Parts 1 and 2″ — Season 3, Episode 22 and 23
What happened:
The two-hour episode serves as a backdoor pilot for Private Practice, which sees Addison (Kate Walsh) venture to Los Angeles to reunite with old friends Naomi (played by Merrin Dungey, later replaced by Audra McDonald) and Sam (Taye Diggs) in hopes of enlisting their help to get pregnant. It also marksthe episode where Thatcher Grey’s (Jeff Perry) wife Susan (Mare Winningham) dies essentially from hiccups.
Why it was a game-changer:
It was the beginning of the end for Addison Montgomery at Seattle Grace, and the start of a series that spanned six seasons, putting Rhimes into a rare group of showrunners with multiple shows on the air and providing opportunities for crossovers.

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